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Vision insurance is offered by VSP Vision Care, sponsored by FURA and administered by Retiree Benefits Associates, LLC. This program first started December 1, 2011 and was offered to CalSTRS retirees. This benefit has been expanded to include CalPERS retirees. The monthly deduction includes FURA membership fees; you will no longer need to pay a separate annual fee to belong to FURA.

To obtain VSP coverage, three forms need to be completed and processed:

  1. FURA Application
  2. VSP Application
  3. CalSTRS/CalPERS Deduction Authorization

There is no membership card for VSP.  We have the “Choice” plan which includes glasses and frames each year (not every other year like so many other plans). Once enrolled, make an appointment with your VSP doctor. Upon check-in, provide your name and birthdate; they will look you up on their computer system for coverage.

For doctor listings and more VSP information, visit www.vsp.com or call 1-800-877-7195. For specific questions contact Walter Franzell 559-298-4606, wfranzell.fura.vsp@gmail.com, P.O. Box 2386 Clovis CA 93613.