Minutes 2014

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Tim Thomas, Chair called the FURA Meeting to order at 9:30AM, June 5, 2014 at Country Waffles, Fresno CA.

The first item on the agenda was to finalize the positions of the board for 2014-2015.  Tim stated the Following: Tim Thomas, Chair – Yolanda Moreno, Vice Chair – Recording Secretary, LaVerne Smith – Secretary, Catherine Franzell – Treasurer, Barbara Thomas – Treasurer Asst., Vivienne Oxley – Members at LArge, Darel Mehrten, Dean Clark and Mosita Mollison – Betty Thornton, Associate – Walter Franzell, Newsletter and VSP.  Don Kisner wants out so a replacement is being considered for the web site postition.  There person Tim had in mind could’t accommodate us now.  Mosita suggested we as Sue Dunham’s son, Monty, to consider working on the web site.  Tim will contact him.  Darel informed us50% of the questions on the web site are regarding VSP.

Increasing active membership to FURA was discussed.  It was agreed that Joanna’s synopsis of our May 6, 2014 Annual meeting be sent to all retirees along with Catherine’s minutes, annual report and a list of informational contacts.  Everyone felt this was the start in the right direction.  Other ideas will be discussed at our next board meeting.

It was suggested the letter Bob Bezemek drafted be sent to Ruth Quinto, after corrections, also cc’d to Superintendent Hansen, Board of Ed, FTA, CSEA and other union reps in October.  We will wait for a response.  If no response we will take further action.

Catherine informed us that Group 3 trying to receive the same benefits the original FURA group got was defunct.  In fact all retirees after September 1, 2006 have no recourse.

Tim Questioned the board on where we were going, what are our goals?  Final request was for all board members to research mission statements and come prepared to submit and discuss a mission at the July 16, 2014 board meeting at Country Waffle, 9AM – 10:30AM.

The meeting adjourned at 11AM.

Respectfully submitted Recording Secretary, LaVerne Smith

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  1. News letter stated that we contact CSEA or CRTA regarding dental insurance. CSEA told me if you did not retire as a member of CSEA they cannot offer it to you.
    I did not fill out a form previously for FURA, as I understood that it was for Certificated employees only. You may have had a better turn out if others understood it the same as I did.

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