Minutes 1/14/15

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The FURA Board Meeting of Wednesday, January 14, 2015 was called to order by Chair, Tim Thomas at 9:12 am at Country Waffle. Board members in attendance were Tim Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Cathy and Walter Franzell, Mosita Mollison, LaVerne Smith and Dean Clark.

Tim asked if the board members had read the minutes of September, 27, 2014, and if there were any corrections. There were no revisions. Barbara made a motion to accept them. Cathy seconded. It was accepted by all members.

Chair asked Mosita if the arrangements were in place for the May 20. 2015 annual FURA meeting. Mosita assured us that the Retired Teachers Education Center was secured for the hours between 9 am and 1 pm. The meeting will be from 10 am to 12 noon. 3 tables will be set up in the hall along the wall. Tim, Dean and Darel will greet and direct members to the proper area. People will be asked if they are a FURA member and if their dues have been paid. Also, if they have a question for Medicare, Delta or VSP, see LaVerne at Medicare table, Cathy at the Delta table, and Walter at the VSP table. LaVerne will make name tags for all Board Members.

Mosita reported the fee for Richard Harris to set up the tables and chairs was $50.00. The fee for the building was $250.00. Mosita motioned we pay the total fee of $300.00 and Cathy seconded. The motion was carried.

Tim asked if someone would make a poster for the FTA meeting to be held on May 13th before our May 20th meeting. LaVerne will get poster ready for Cathy to pick up and take to the FTA meeting. Cathy will get the check from Barbara for $300.00 and take to Bonnie at Retired Teachers Education Center on the 13th as well.

Tim brought us up to date regarding the 44 boxes of documents that been stored at Bob Bezemek’s office. He had made an executive decision and had the boxes shipped to a Derrell’s Storage at Freeway 168 and Fowler at a cost of $581.00. The storage fee is $16.00 a month. We all felt it was necessary to retain the documents for the future. Two keys were obtained and given to designated board members. It was motioned by LaVerne that we pay the total fee of $581.00 and rental fee of $16.00. It was seconded by Mosita. It was suggested that the documents be put on digital, but it was decided it was not necessary as the court has the original.

Barbara gave the Treasurer’s report. Some dues were in, the lawyer’s fees were paid, the web site, Steve, was paid and Joanna had been paid. The report was presented and approved.

The annual meeting will open with:

  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction of Board Members and guest speakers
  3. Approval of minutes that were posted on the web site and in the newsletter
  4. Election of officers (Three people)
  5. Mission statement: (Our mission is to represent qualified FURA members by safeguarding and protecting vested health care benefits defined by Judge Franson’s decision of June 1, 2006.)
  1. Joanna will address Medicare, Delta and Affordable Care Act as they relate to FURA

a. She will give updates on Envision RX.

b. Joanna will introduce Francine Handley, Delta Rep, who will address Delta’s relationship to Medicare.

  1. Tim will address SAFE (Senior Awareness and Fall Education) or CSUF Rep
  2. Questions and Answers

Mosita reported on a problem she had with billing amounts and Dean asked an important questions. Both were asked, by Tim, if they would call Joanna regarding the problems so she could address at the May 20th meeting.

Tim handed out a flyer regarding SAFE, Senior Awareness and Fall Education that is being conducted at Fresno State. It was suggested that we hand out information on May 20th. Tim and Barbara will get enough to give to all interested at the meeting.

We were reminded to bring our yellow folders given out last year. Barbara stated that there were only about 50 left from last year. Dean will ask for a raise of hands who did not have one, and he will see that they get one. He suggested that it be stated in the newsletter to bring their yellow folders to the meeting.

In conclusion Tim thanked all in attendance, and he would see us in May.

Respectfully submitted,

LaVerne Smith, Secretary


One thought on “Minutes 1/14/15”

  1. As I reviewed the minutes of 1/14/15, the name, “Joanna” (no surname) appeared several times. The board members were listed with first & last names, but not Joanna.
    Since it appears that she serves FURA actively, I would urge the board to recognize her retroactively with a full name in the minutes.

    Also, are there minutes of board meetings since 1/15/15?

    Thank you.

    Francis Weaver, 1998 Ret.-FUSD

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