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The purpose of this site is to establish connections among local FTA members and those who honor the noble professions of teaching, nursing, and support services in public education. We stand in solidarity with all who have gone before us, and strive to preserve benefits and contract provisions. FTA union representation at FUSD schools has suffered a setback with the proposed hiring of NON-UNION “at-will” teachers at the newly incorporated Dailey Charter School. Plans are in the works to extend the charter school plan to seven additional schools. FTA would appreciate FURA members becoming Facebook Fans to show their support, and we look forward to strengthening the network of former and current FUSD employees.

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Judith Pansarosa —

RETIREE HEALTH BENEFITS WEBSITE (LAO – Legislative Analyst’s Office)

The LAO’s retiree health Web site features noteworthy items concerning public sector retiree health benefits and costs across the country. The site features articles, commentaries, and reports describing retiree health issues and policy actions for each type of government (states, school districts, cities, and counties, etc.). We will emphasize California governments on the Web site, but we will also feature articles and reports concerning major governments in other states in order to show the variety of reactions and responses to the retiree health issue. The purpose of the Web site is to provide policy makers, the public, researchers, and the media with a sampling of information about how governments are responding to this issue across the country.


Several areas and bits of information may be of interest to FUSD Retirees.