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Thank you for attending last week’s steering committee with Mike Hanson and Eva Chavez. Minutes are posted on the FURA website (note: do not input www when typing the URL in your computer. Simply input FURA-FUSD.ORG)

  • I have emailed Mike Hanson, Eva Chavez with a copy to Nancy Richardson as a follow up for the new information requested relative to accurate numbers of retirees as of June 30, 2005; numbers of those retirees & dependents below the age of 65 and above the age of 65. Also requested, yet again, names and addresses of retirees.
  • I “tweaked” bylaws of other non profit educational organizations and sent a very, very rough draft to our attorney, Bob Bezemek, for his perusal and input. When I receive the corrected draft, I will forward them to you for further input.
  • Bob Bezemek telephoned me earlier this afternoon. As you know, he was on holiday and returned to his office this week. He is proceeding with our case. He agreed that his presence at our next general membership meeting is critical for our organization and our pending lawsuit. Bob will email me with open dates in September. At that time, I will forward the dates to Boyd and ask that he work with the district’s civic center office at facilities to secure a high school cafeteria for our meeting. Boyd and I spoke briefly after last week’s meeting and agreed that Hoover High School’s cafeteria would be ideal if the facility is available. We would not probably incur any charge as Wally Taylor of the California Retired Teachers’ Association informed me last November that CRTA would charge FURA $100 per hour to use their facility.
  • When a date is determined, a flyer must be mailed as well as placement on the FURA website. The time of the meeting must be after the instructional day so I presume we’re talking about a 3:30 PM meeting.
  • The agenda will include: Opening Remarks Sark and Boyd
  • Introduction of Mr. Bezemek
  • Mr. Bezemek\
  • Q & A
  • The meeting will be closed to only FURA members and retirees who have NOT yet joined. There will be NO GUESTS allowed due to attorney/client privilege issues.

Hope you’re staying inside and away from this incessant heat.

Many thanks for all of your hard work. sark