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I never thought that VSP was that good a deal even when I was still working & FUSD paid the premium. My husband & I both retired from FUSD at *55 yrs*. of age and took a huge cut in our income, so we have to watch our expenses. We opted not to pay for the coverage when we retired because of the cost. Last month, a friend of mine got a full eye exam with dilation at the River Park *Costco* and ordered glasses with new frames & lenses. They also detected some glaucoma and gave her a
referral to an eye medical group for the glaucoma (which will be paid for by her Medical Coverage).

*She paid:*
$60 for the eye exam with the dilation (without dilation iit’s about $2O cheaper)
$59 for the frames she chose ($39-$200 range on their frames & they have titanium if you like light frames) (If they still make your previous frames and you want to reuse them instead–they do charge a fee, but I forget how much.)
$151 total for*progressives*,_*transitions*_ (darkest color), and *anti-reflective coating*
*$270 grand total

VSP (member costs from the example given on the brochure)
*$20 copay for the eye exam
$20 copay for the eye glasses
$105 for progressives
$69 for anti-reflective
$114.72 member annual contribution
*$328.72 grand total (/and this does not include/*/*_transitions_**lenses in this price!!!*/*So you will pay even more than this price to get equivalent glasses!)

Hence, you can save more at Costco ($328.72 – $270 = $58.72) and you can save more or less depending on the frames you choose.

*My friend is as happy with her new glasses as she ever was with any obtained through a doctor’s office.*

*Costco takes appointments or walk-ins. The optometrist is not an employee of Costco. Her office is just located in Costco and she has been there about 8 yrs. This is not meant to be an add for Costco. It is only meant to show my fellow retiree’s on fixed incomes that you can get a better deal than VSP.

I also have many neighbors who have all gotten their hearing aids at Costco, (another non-covered medical need for many of us as we age). They are also very satisfied without exception. Check it out!!!

I hope this helps you make your decision.

Submitted by Cathy Bettencourt

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