Guarantee of life-long benefits in 1968-69

In 1968-69, the FYA had salary committee co-chairmen. They were Con Anderson, later President, and myself. In negotiations, the District offered us, as negotiators, the choice of having life-time health benefits or a salary inccrease. The District argued in favor of the life-time benefits because (1) they said they didn’t have the money to pay for a 5% increase and (2) teachers would benefit from not having to pay taxes on benefits. The district negotiators were Bob Weber, CFO for FUSD, and Bob Hansen, assistant superintendent. We accepted the benefits and had many teachers angry at us because “they couldn’t buy food with what we’d agreed to.” This should be verifiable through both District and FTA records.

Submitted by: Michael Crill
Date Submitted: October 16, 2007

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