About FURA

FURA’s one mission is to preserve and protect Fresno Unified retiree health benefits.

FURA is financed entirely by retiree contributions. These contributions are spent on attorney fees and communications to members only.

FURA’s business affairs are handled by an all volunteer steering committee. No one (steering committee officers, steering committee members, or other volunteers) is reimbursed for out of pocket expenses (e.g., telephone calls, faxes, stamps, mileage, etc). There is no reimbursement of any kind.

FURA’s Treasurer (Barbara Thomas) distributed a financial statement at the July meeting at Hoover.¬†FURA’s accounts are at the Educational Employees Credit Union.

Because of attorney/client privilege, certain information is not posted on the website, or sent to non-contributing members.

The Fresno Unified Retirees’ Association was created in the fall of 2004 by former classified and certificated employees of the District to preserve retirees’ District paid retirement health benefits. The Association was formed to represent all retirees who served the District as classified employees, certificated employees, including confidential, supervisory and managerial employees.

In August, 2004, bargaining teams for the District and FTA, SEIU, CSEA met in their first negotiations sessions for 2004-05. There was no notification to the vested retirees.

Under both federal and state law, an employer cannot unilaterally reduce or eliminate the VESTED OR PROMISED medical/health benefits of retired personnel. In addition, the general rule is that a union cannot negotiate on behalf of retirees since the union, under PERB precedent, only represents current employees. Therefore, the current bargaining units cannot agree with the employer to change, reduce or eliminate any rights the former employee possessed at the time of retirement.

It is important to note that none of the current bargaining units and retirees have mutually agreed that FTA, CSEA or SEIU has the authority to negotiate on behalf of retirees. FUSD has been informed of this in writing. No one has the legal authority to negotiate away or otherwise agree to any changes in retiree medical/health benefits/rights.